The Technology Behind Live Casino

live casino

Online casinos have grown into a multi billion dollar industry over the past couple of decades. While the games started out as rather two dimensional and pretty limited, operators have spent a lot of time and resources to make them as realistic as possible for players. One of the key areas has been to focus on live casino games. The reason behind this is that many gamers care less about the actual game itself than the atmosphere in which they place their wagers. They want to experience something that looks and feels like a James Bond casino scene.

To do this they offer real people as the dealers in the games and stream them to players’ monitors so that they can watch the action happen in HD. This gives players the heart pumping thrill of taking the Las Vegas floor while still staying in their homes and having access to all of the online benefits.

The technology behind live casino is complex and requires the operation of a number of different teams to make it work. For starters there is a studio team that has to shoot the actual game. This is then fed into a video encoder that can send the data to various devices. This includes the player’s computer screen, where the results are displayed. There is also a croupier who oversees the actual table and a pit boss who handles the betting of the bettor’s wagers. In addition, there is the IT staff who handle everything from the software to the teleprompter.

This system is able to process thousands of images per second so that the gamer can see the outcome of their wager in a matter of seconds. This is all made possible by the use of multiple cameras in the studio and a variety of lighting options to get the best picture.

Unlike traditional video slots, which are primarily played by the younger generation, older players are more interested in the game and the atmosphere of a casino. This is why many operators are focusing on making their live casino games as realistic as possible for these types of players. This is also why they are offering a range of processing options for players who win.

This is also why some of the bigger brands have tried to create their own exclusive live casino offerings. This is because they can have certain games reserved for VIP gamers who are likely to spend more money on the site, which is then likely to increase their profits. This strategy may not be a great idea in the long run, however, as it is likely to alienate a portion of the gaming community. Nonetheless, it is something that all online casino operators are trying to explore. As the market continues to grow, it is important that they remain as innovative and flexible as possible for their customers. This means that more and more innovations in the live casino area are on the horizon.